Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton improves the environmental and health situation.

Regarding the climatic changes, sustainability has become a strong subject in our society.
Thanks to the good work of several organisations and retailers, the consciousness of the society is sharpened every day in these issues, and the information enhances permanently. In general the organic as well as the wellness sector are strong future-oriented markets with a high potential improving the social and environmental situation. The customer interest is already there and statistics assure a very positive development which also affects the organic cotton market.

Regarding the production of certified organic (sustainable) cotton the natural fruit cycles are respected. The soil is able to regenerate itself and provide the plants with the necessary nutriments. Due to this the excellent quality of the products is assured and a long term use of our valuable resources guarantied. (for more information, please check out Links in the fact box)

Conventional Cotton:

Cotton covers around 50% of the global demand for fibers. So far Cotton is a very important source of income for millions of small and medium sized farmers in over 60 countries.

In the last 70 years the production area hardly has grown but due to the intense use of synthetic agro-chemicals (e.g. toxic insecticides /ca.15%- and pesticides/ca. 10% of the global market, synthetic fertilizers,…), irrigation plants, high yielding varieties the harvest has grown around three times.

The health and environmental effects in some areas are disastrous. They go from intoxicated farmers, their families and employees, passing the contamination of drinking water to vast dying of birds, fishes, and other animal species.

To counteract this development we decided in favour of “RespAct organic”